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SplattRak Paintball Marker Stand - Black
Don’t look for too many complications with the SplattRak Paintball Gun Stands. By design, engineering and hard work it was created first and foremost with the Paintballer in mind. Light Weight and easily Collapsible (easier for travel). Ease of use, much more protection and security than ever before offered while keeping it simple and very sharp looking. SplattRak® Paintball Marker Stands are made of an incredibly Light Weight, Durable and Ultra-Strong ABS plastic. 100% Recyclable. The forward Barrel / Body rest is made of a soft and very durable Santoprene®, to protect your barrel from scratching. 10X softer and lasts 10 times longer than "rubber" products. 100% Recyclable. SplattRak® Marker Stands are designed to insure the best resting position in a Marker Stand ever available.. Having four legs also allows for a better stability, protection and stance on un-even ground (dirt, sand and snow to name a few). We have created forward and Rear “Bump Guards” for added extra protection. The Tank Shelves (where your air tanks rests) are cushioned with neoprene, more dutrable and softer than rubber, for additional protection. One of our most important design elements was to create the ability to collapse or fold the SplattRak® Gun Stand EASILY. We did this through a “ratchet” type of hinge. By applying slight pressure to the “A” frame the SplattRak™ simply folds towards the back and (clicks) locks in a closed position, It’s just that easy and secure. Also included is our Patent POD CADDY (also called the “cup holder” by paintballers) which will hold your Pods in an upright position therefore making it easier to fill you Pods and losing less paintballs during that process. By simply using SplattRak Paintball Marker Stands with Pod Caddy you’re not only Protecting and Securing your Paintball gun, your saving money by losing less paintballs and getting more "miles" out of your Paintball Marker.